Do I Require Insurance

As with anything in life insurance is always important to have. We may have done everything perfect but as is life we cannot control every outcome and one should always expect the unexpected and guard yourself against just that. Unfortunatlet accidents happen that is life.

Once you have taken insurance with Johannesburg Movers or with your own insurance company you will have peace of mind that should anything happen you will be able to claim.

Remember goods were not designed to travell frequently and they can become weak and damaged. No matter how securely your goods were wrapped / packed there is always that possiblity it could be damaged whether it be by road accident, dropped, water, fire etc..

What type of insurance do we provide?

Johannesburg Movers provide 2 types of insurance. The first is GIT. Good in transit. We offer free GIT for R150 000.00 which should our truck be involved in fire, collision or overturn then you will be covered for R150 000.00 The other type of insurance is All Risk Insurance. We offer this to clients which basically cover you for anything.