How To Choose The Right Type Of Furniture Removal Company.

With so many furniture removal companies out there how do you really know you are making use of a professional furniture removal company? Johannesburg Movers have had so many clients who have experienced horrific furniture removals and sadly only make use of us after the fact.

Best Moving Companies

We have heard so many stories from our clients that the furniture removal company didn’t pitch or they came with a bakkkie and trailer or the truck was not in roadworthy condition or the staff came off the street to the truck was 6 hours late etc… Sadly this is not even the worst we have heard.

Most clients with other best moving companies said most of the furniture was damaged and items were stolen. Unfortunately this is sadly the case with so many moving companies out there, both well known and unknown. So how do you find the right moving company? Firstly find out how the long the company has been going for. Johannesburg Mover is a family business and has been running for 15 years.

Secondly find out the condition of the trucks, maybe ask for some photos of the truck they will be sending. Some companies use very old dilapidated trucks which are poorly maintained. Johannesburg Movers only make use of Mercedez Benz & Nissan Trucks.

All our trucks are roadworthy and are well looked after. You can view all our trucks in our gallery. Is the company registered with Accredited Associations? If they not there is a good reason they are not. Johannesburg Movers is registered with the RFA (Road Freight Association) and the PMA (Professional Movers Association) Another good way is social media. You can check out Facebook to see if what people are saying about the company and how many likes the company has.

The best method would be a referral from a friend, family or colleague. They would have had firsthand experience. We have been around for a long time and have built our reputation on word of mouth.