Packing Yourself

Need to know what packing material you need & how do I use it?

For most of us we have moved house or business a million times and have more experience than any professional out there however for those who knew at this don’t stress. We will show you what packing material you will require to use and how to use it.

  1. 1.Cartons

There are basically 2 types of cartons that we furniture removal companies use.
The standard size of the carton we use is generally 450mm X 450mm X 450mm.
The reason we don’t use any bigger is that our staff would struggle to carry it.
The standard size is manageable for our staff to carry and for our loaders to pack.
Another reason is if allot of heavy items are packed into bigger cartons they tend to break from underneath which is the last thing you would want.


  1. 2.White new Print

White news print is exactly what is says, it is newspaper without any ink.
This is basically used to protect cutlery.
You would simply place pieces of white news print between fragile items.
The ideal way is to crumple it up causing it to become sponge like which will absorb any minor bumps.


  1. 3.Bubble Wrap.

Bubble wrap is probably our favorite but I’m sure if you have kids they will enjoy it too.
Bubble wrap can be used for everything which is fragile like glassware, mirrors, cutlery, electronic equipment, jewelry, toys etc…
We recommend wrapping all your value/fragile items with bubble wrap as it is cheap & works very well. We strongly recommend it if you moving long distance.


  1. 4.Corrugated Board

Corrugated board is great for wrapping up items such as wooden furniture, desks, tables, Flat Screen TV’s, fridge’s, anything that is bulky. The best combination is for instance to wrap your flat screen TV with bubble wrap then wrap it with corrugated board.

Also the bubble wrap/corrugated board combo works great for big expensive pictures.


  1. 5.Plastic Covers.

Plastic covers is ideal for wrapping your bedding such as mattress and base.
Also works great for your couches, it prevents stains & soling from all the handling.
Also great to have in the rainy season!!!


  1. 6.Buff Tape

Buff tape is simply tape used to seal cartons & the wrapping of goods.

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